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Glass House Mountains


Explore the Iconic Glass House Mountains – Majestic Rooftop of the Sunshine Coast

If you’re into landscapes that inspire awe and wonder, the impressive volcanic outcrops that make up the Glass House Mountains should be on your Queensland “must-see” list
Discover the Majestic Beauty of the Glass House Mountains

Rising dramatically out of the flat coastal area, you will notice the sheer wonder and beauty of the Glass House Mountains.

Surrounded by pineapple and eucalyptus plantations, the mountains are packed with fantastic outdoor activities to enjoy, as well as being a must-see on the Sunshine Coast. For those who love photography moments, relaxing, soaking up fresh, open-air, and basically enjoying everything that Mother Nature has to offer, the Glass House Mountains should be on your Sunshine Coast visit list, for sure.

The Glass House Mountains are 16 volcanic structures which rise rather suddenly from the landscape. This is what gives them such a dramatic appearance, and it’s certainly one for the camera collection. You can visit for the day, or you can camp underneath the stars and really take in the atmosphere! Dating back 25-27 million years, you’re sure to feel the energy, wonder, and nature of this stunning area, and all within some fantastic Sunshine Coast weather too!

How to Get to The Glass House Mountains

Despite what you might think, the Glass House Mountains are actually very accessible, and we have a fabulous full-day tour which will give you front row seats to view this Heritage Listed Sunshine Coast attraction. You can also visit the area from Brisbane, as it’s just a short drive along the Sunshine Coast, heading inland from the stunning beaches of the area, and along the famous Steve Irwin Way.

As you reach the mountains, remember that the temperature is likely to be just slightly cooler, as we’re dealing with altitude and inland areas.

The History and Legend of the Glass House Mountains

Around 25-27 millions of years ago, a huge volcanic eruption took place, which laid the foundations for the mountains we see today. This was caused by a huge uprising of lava, right from the centre of the Earth, which then cooled and formed the rocky monoliths we gaze at in wonder.

As with any former volcanic and natural area, you can see countless types of flora and fauna around this area, and when you head off walking on one of the many marked trails, you’ll be able to spot countless colourful flowers, as well as stunning views over the area.

Aboriginal legend

To add the mysticism of the area, there is a famous Aboriginal legend about the mountains themselves, and visiting will really bring the story to life for you. It is said that Tibrogargan and Beerwah, two of the highest peaks, had eight children; Coonowrin was the elder of the children (standing at 377m high and the most dramatic in the appearance of all the mountains), with twins Tunbubudla, and the remaining children, Coochin, Ngungun, Tibberoowuccum, Miketeebumulgrai, and Elimbah.

Tibrogargan, the father of the children, was concerned that the ocean level was rising, and he told his eldest son (Coonowrin) to help his pregnant mother (Beerwah), and gather his other siblings, to run as fast they could away from the rising sea levels. However, Coonowrin was scared and ran away, causing his father to become angry and run after him. When he found him, he beat him with a club, and his neck became out of shape.

The seas eventually subsided and the family returned back to their home on the plains, but Coonowrin was tested by his friends about his neck and instantly regretted the way he had acted. he asked his father for forgiveness, but his father cried in shame. Coonowrin then went to his siblings to ask for forgiveness, but they too cried in shame. The legend says that this is why the Glass House Mountains are surrounded by so many small streams of water.

Finally, his father asked why he hadn’t helped his mother (Beerwah), and Coonowrin said that he felt she could look after herself, as he did not know she was pregnant. Tibrogargan disowned his son and even to this day, he gazes out to sea, refusing to look over at his son, who hangs his neck and cries.

This beautiful and sad tale is what mystifies and adds extra interest to the Glass House Mountains, and your guide will be able to point out the various characters in the legend as you visit.

What to do in The Glass House Mountains

When you visit the Sunshine Coast, you’ll be overwhelmed with activities to do and attractions to enjoy, but out of all the things to do on the Sunshine Coast, visiting the Glass House Mountains should certainly be on your list.

The Glass House Mountains National Park is packed with outdoor adventures for the family to enjoy. You can head out bushwalking, take a picnic under the shade of the trees, drive around the park and check out the stunning panoramas, rock climb, abseil, or hike on the many trails.

Put simply, this is one of the Sunshine Coast tourist attractions with a big difference, because you’re at the mercy of the beauty of nature, and you won’t fail to be awe-struck by the sights before you.

When visiting the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, be sure to factor in some time in the Glass House Mountains National Park, whether you stay for the day, or you decide to camp out. There are many activities on offer, no matter whether you’re travelling with children or not, and you’re sure to fill up that camera memory card with lasting memories from your visit. 

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