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Sunshine Coast Food Trail

Foodies, we’re about to give you some news that is going to make your mouth water than ever before! The Sunshine Coast has amazing beaches, stunning weather, nature to make your jaw drops, and a vibrant atmosphere to enjoy, but it also has amazing food too!

The Sunshine Coast has a food trail, and you can create your own route according to your needs.

Good news indeed!

Why is The Sunshine Coast a Foodie’s Heaven?

The weather, the close proximity to the sea, and the lush and fertile land basically means that everything grown in this region is bound to be delicious and healthy too. Organic fare is a big thing in Queensland overall, and in an attempt to be healthy, you can easily work your way around the region and taste some of the most delicious, fresh, and fantastic foods, drinks, wines, and beers on offer.

Of course, seafood is a big deal here too. The coast is lapped by warm, crystal clear water and they are rich in delicious sea foods to try. If you’re a prawn fan, you’ll find king prawns, and tiger prawns in abundance, as well as mud crabs and a whole host of other delicious things to try.

There are many small seafood restaurants as you travel along the coastline, and whilst there are large restaurants that will set you back a good few dollars, there are some smaller places, which are not only lower in cost, but have a more intimate feel, with a stunning view too.

The local area is also ideal for growing fresh fruits, and you will easily find avocados, mangoes, paw paw, pineapples, and strawberries. There are bee hives, to create fresh honey, dairy farms which produce delicious camel milk, and cheese made from rich and creamy goat’s milk.

Farmers markets are everywhere too, so you’ll be able to head off and peruse what is on offer, in the beautiful countryside, no doubt with the sun shining down too!

Is your mouth watering yet?

Love Australian Wine?

If you’re a wine lover, you’ll find countless local Australian wines on offer, and we know that Australian wine is amongst some of the best in the world. Again, this is all down to that fantastic weather and fertile land.

There are many wineries around the Sunshine Coast, but Sirromet Wines is one of the largest. Here you can enjoy a wine tour, learn about how the wine is produced, and then taste a few different options, before perhaps taking a bottle or two home with you at the end of the day!

There is also an award winning restaurant on site, which only serves dishes made of organic, locally grown produce. You’re in for a treat if you visit!

If you’re not a wine fan, but you’re more of a beer fan, you’ll find plenty of farmer’s markets who also allow you to try a few locally brewed choices. Beware, this type of beer is a little stronger than the stuff you buy in the supermarket, but it’s certainly delicious!

The Noosa Food & Wine Festival

If you’re visiting the Sunshine Coast during the middle of May, you might just be in time to catch the fantastic Noosa Food & Wine Festival. Taking place from 17-21 May this year, the festival brings together some of the best local producers of various different foods and drinks, and also allows visitors to test foods too.

Set on the waterfront, the festival is a fantastic day out, and you could spread your time over a couple of days, to really make the most of it. There are plenty of places to stay around this area, and you’ll get to check out some of the stunning beaches, wetlands, and hinterland scenery whilst you’re there – what could be better?

How to Plan Your Sunshine Coast Food Trail Adventure

You have two main options here – you can either plan your trail yourself, or you can have it done for you.

The coast is packed with foodie destinations, such as those aforementioned farmers markets and a whole host of delicious and famous restaurant to call in on. It’s hard to plan your own route, unless you do a lot of research, or you have some prior knowledge of the area.

Having said that, it’s not impossible, and there are many resources online which can help you do so. There are many accommodation options along the way, so you can tie it all in, to create a fantastic, and very memorable road trip.

Secondly, you could have a company arrange a bespoke trip for you. There are many tour companies who offer Sunshine Coast Food Trail adventures, and you simply need to Google to find the best one for you.

There are tours which will focus more on seafood, some which will focus more on the countryside, some which will go more towards the ocean. Basically, you need to think about where you want to focus your attention, and then do your research from there.

It’s certainly a good idea to head into the rural areas if you can, as this is where you’ll find the best and freshest produce. There is nothing better than feeling the juice of a fresh strawberry drip down your chin, or tasting the zing of a pineapple, fresh off the tree.

When you buy these fruits from the supermarket, there is a certain something lost, but when it is there in front of you, picked, and given to you to try – wow!

A Destination to Make Your Mouth Water

Whilst the Sunshine Coast is most famous for its beaches and hinterland, as well as the vibrant Brisbane city life, there is so much more to this area than just that!

Foodies are going to fall over in pleasure when they taste the freshness of the produce from around these parts, and even if you don’t have the most sophisticated palate in the world, you won’t fail to be bowled over by the explosion of taste.

The sheer number of restaurants will be enough to keep you more than occupied, and many of which only serve the freshest produce, with the freshest ingredients.

The food found in big restaurants around the Queensland area will be a real mixture of influences, with Asian being the most prominent. These big scale restaurants are easily found in Brisbane, but if you venture a little further off the beaten track, gems awaits you!

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