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Plan on visiting Queensland, not everyone likes the term ‘tourist’. Some people shudder when the word is used, whilst others don’t really care. Which camp do you fall into? Whichever side of the argument you’re on, when you’re attempting to travel in an authentic and real way, it’s a good idea to try and blend in with the locals. There are many advantages to this, not least the safety side of things, but overall, if you’re going to try and immerse yourself in the culture and feel of a place, at least take the time to do it completely! Queensland...
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Foodies, we’re about to give you some news that is going to make your mouth water than ever before! The Sunshine Coast has amazing beaches, stunning weather, nature to make your jaw drops, and a vibrant atmosphere to enjoy, but it also has amazing food too! The Sunshine Coast has a food trail, and you can create your own route according to your needs. Good news indeed! Why is The Sunshine Coast a Foodie’s Heaven? The weather, the close proximity to the sea, and the lush and fertile land basically means that everything grown in this region is bound to...
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