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Noosa Brewery Experience

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Tour Details

Noosa Brewery Experience Inc. Lunch

Minimum Group Size – 5 Adults, Maximum 24 Adults
What to Expect
Noosa Beer Tour. Our half-day Craft Beer Experience will take you to the local breweries in and around the Noosa region of the Sunshine Coast

Our tour features a number of breweries, so you can enjoy a complete local craft beer experience, exploring behind the scenes of how these delicious beers are brewed. Our tours include air-conditioned transport to the venues, samples and a local tour guide, so you can discover how your favourite brews are produced and taste some new beers to find new favourites.

Departure & Return Location

Pick-up & Drop-off location as requested

Suggested pick-up time between 10.30 – 11.30 am

Approx. Drop-off between 4.30 pm – 5.30 pm 

Price Includes

  • Visit 3 Local Breweries
  • Lunch @ Imperial Hotel
  • Informative Behind the Scene Tour (Wednesday & Saturday only)
  • Air-Conditioned Minibus + Driver
  • Pick-up and drop-off Location as Requested

Price Excludes

  • Optional extras
  • Any Private Expenses
  • Alcohol
The Ultimate Noosa Brewery Experience
Ideal for Groups

The Noosa Brewery Experience is ideal for group outings and celebrations. Coast to Hinterland Tours offers Brewery tours for groups of five or more people. This makes an ideal outing for birthday groups, corporate events, or other celebrations where you want to enjoy something a little different.

Whether you want to get together with a group of friends or have a specific occasion in mind, the Noosa Brewery Experience tours can allow you to celebrate in style, getting behind the scenes insight into craft beers and brewing.

Your tour can be tailored to the needs of your group to ensure that you enjoy a fantastic day out to sample some fantastic brews and learn about how your favourite craft beers are produced. The Noosa Brewery Experience tours are available on a request basis only so that you can plan your ideal tour.

Craft Brews

Craft beers have become a popular choice for any beer lover. The modern era of Australian craft beer has been around since the 1980s, but there has been a Gold Rush of new breweries in recent years, particularly here on the Sunshine Coast. Craft beers not only allow you to taste the difference with authentic flavours, but you can also see the people behind the beer and brewing with tours and excursions.

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The Eumundi Brewery

You may remember Eumundi Lager from back in the 1980s, however the brand seemed to disappear. However, due to a partnership with Lion, Eumundi beer is back with a rebuilt on-site brewery that has been operational since 2017. Although you can enjoy Eumundi beer in some local bars and restaurant, our tour will allow you to taste the beer directly from the brewery tank, so you can truly taste the quality ingredients and incredible brew.

During the tour, you’ll not only be able to taste Eumundi beers, but you will be guided through the brewery and learn about the brewing history of the brand, so you can discover the beer-making process that makes these craft beers great.

The Land and Sea Brewery

Land and Sea Brewery take beer very seriously, and a brewery tour will allow you to see the in-depth knowledge and methodical approach taken to produce exceptional craft beers. With the vast and varied history of brewing and beer, you will learn more about the life cycles of yeast and the crucial ingredients needed to produce a superb brew, along with how they started being used in beers.

You will also learn about how blending these ingredients affects the beer and get to smell and taste the malt and fresh hops. You can enjoy a tasting paddle with a choice of beers before your guided tour, and you can then sit down and savour some beer appreciation with a cool schooner.

Heads of Noosa

While it may be a relatively new brand on the market, Heads of Noosa have a passion for lagers. The lager style at Heads of Noosa is colder fermenting with a delicate balance to create something beyond the norm. The brewery has state of the art equipment and a team of expert brewers that you’ll be able to see as you explore the site on your tour.

You may even catch a glance of brews in tanks that are awaiting opening as they sit longer to achieve perfection. You’ll be able to see the brewery facility and then savour a beer tasting paddle in the cosy atmosphere of the taproom.

Coast to Hinterland Half-Day Brewery Experience

With our half-day brewery experience, you can expect transport in an air-conditioned bus to the venues, samples, tastings, and an expert tour guide. You will go behind the scenes of one of the fantastic breweries to learn how the best craft beers are produced and discover some new favourite brews. You can enjoy visiting some of the best local breweries on the Sunshine Coast, with flexible pick up and drop off points from your accommodation. Whether you’re visiting the Sunshine Coast or want to plan an event